2016-South America

As a reminder,  my writing is terrible,  putting my thoughts on paper or in this case on this Blog is dificult for me and confusing to many. So I hope who reads this, hope you are patient  and forgive all my mistakes. Still it is the only way for my family and friends to follow my mischief and adventures along my journey. I will be posting whenever I have internet access and hopefully decent uploading speed to post my pictures.

Colombia, will be the starting point of my trip.  I chose to start in the northen part of South America due to my timing.  Turning 70 in December and the time I need to reach  the southern most tip of Southern America, is approximately 4-5 months. It is in the opposite part of our planet with winter approaching in end of April or early May. Skipping Central America made more sense to me at this time.  I can visit Central America at a later moment and do not need to ship my bike and go through that hassle. Will it be the right decision?….time will tell.

So follow me on my journey and have fun!

2012-Overland Expo with Alberto

On May 12, 2012 with an old friend from Spain, we will make a trip South to Arizona to see the Overland Expo in Flagstaff. Our trip is very improvised therefore who knows whereour trails will lead. Albeerto will drive our car and will be our support vehicle. Pedro and I, will take our bikes and lead the way for him.

2011-Gora number two…'Gora2'


Planning to expand my riding territories,  so here it is,  purchased another bike will be called ‘GORA 2’  and has come to the stable.

It is a 2006 BMW 1200 GS in very nice shape with 15000 miles, lowered Ohlin shocks so that I can reach the floor with my feet. It also has Jessy Odyssey aluminum cases.

It is waiting to be picked up in California.

My  other bike ‘Gora’ will be shipped to Europe to stay there, so it can explore that part of the world.

2010-Vagabonding South to Mexico

Christmas day was my birthday, turned 64 and now I am planning to do a little of my own

‘vagabonding’  as my family calls it.

It all started without much intention, but that is the fun part of it.

I made friends with a women rider this summer and talked about far away places we dream to ride to. 

Mexico was one of the places more in the immediate reach.

To make the story short, it evolved that my friend did not mind to ride with an ‘old  weed ‘ like me to Mexico.                                 

 Starting date January 20-2010

© Nina Boonacker 2012