To Springfield, MO and return Home

Saturday afternoon, after wandering around town where we had a little  lunch,  Jean and I headed North to her house in Springfield,MO. It was a nice day and we rolled along the Interstate at a pleasant pace and got to her house before dark. Her husband was waiting for us with a delicious meal. Jean and I ride very well together and feel that it si a shame we live far appart. Looking at the positive side, may be it is a good thing, so we do not into much mischief together.

I spend a day at their place.  Monday Jean joined me on my next stretch to Kansas City.

We rode out from here with abeautifull sunny day and perfect temperature for riding.

We where going to meet Mike in Kansa City. He knows the best place for BBQ in Kansas.

The food was excellent, better than I had imagined. We also purchased some of the special BBQ sauce to send to Jack,  who was  serving in Afganistan.

We thre split up and headed my last segment home.

I was riding through some changing landscape again. Flat landscape with fields plowed and ready to be planted. It was definitely intensive farming country. I was passing tall silos standing next to some typical farming homes who had always some trees to protect from wind and sun.

Entering the state of MInnesota

Casino ????????

When my fuel indicator starts so go relly down I wonder how far to the next gas station. No mayor intersections in near sight so had to get off to one of the small towns and refuel there. Always interesting to see those small towns.

Made it home and looked at my odometer, I had left Los Angeles with my odometer reading just short of 15000 miles. Now it showed 18223 miles. I have covered more then 3223 miles in those days. Uhuuu wonderful.

© Nina Boonacker 2012