2012 - Preparations for departure

After packing and revising last minute things, only thing pending was for a Fedex delivery at 10:30 AM.

An important little thing, Alberto’s the earpiece from his hearing aid had to arrive, so he could enjoy his trip fully.

No delivery at 11:00....time was running out and eventually called the company what was happening with the urgent shipment. Received the tracking number, and guess what,...... an error.... it would not arrive until 3:00 PM.

Therefore, we sat down and had our last camping style lunch.

Finally Fedex delivered the package

Lined up in our driveway and checking our communication system......yes it works!

Now the endless stretches of interstate and make up lost time......hopefully!!!

a quick lunch at this place….yes american style when you want to domany miles in one day!

...ended up in this little Motel…

and found something to eat at this lonely gas station. Nothing was available in several miles.

Hmm…… a quick way to learn about life on the road in the US.

© Nina Boonacker 2012