19-Quito and my bus tour

Made it to Quito and foud another little hotel, so welcoming and simple. 

I am heading out to see Quito today, more pictures to upload...will see how that goes. So far I like this place.


My posting:

Wifi just now back and it is late. Next pictures will come in two or three days. Received a nice road suggestion and guess no wifi where I am going.

Just to give your heads up on the way to Quito:

I was stopped for the first time from the police. I had passed illegaly a truck….uups!!!

I pulled over and waited to get the officer to me. I lifted my helmed and said ‘hola buenas tardes’ they heard my female voice and where little surprized. They asked politely my drivers license and bike documents. I pulled out my fake drivers license and showed it  to them. I had my bike docs hidden so hoped not to have to pull those out. Another officer approached too and asked where I was going. ‘Quito’” I responded….very far from here I asked? 

I had my little camera hanging from my jacket and asked if I could take a picture with a big smile. Before they answered I clicked. They smiled to me and we continued a little chat where I came from …oh Cartagena….hm…They politely handed me my drivers license back and I could continue. They are curious about the bike, so if you are friendly and engage in a not compromising friendly conversation, they forget about their own thoughts.

So far this is working I thought.

Heading towards Quito you pass the Ecuator line. There is a famous monument where there is a symbolic line going through, but reality is that it is 5 km wide band. Therefore exact reading is not possible, anyway there is a large monument called “Midat del Mundo’ (Half the World) interesting to visit.It is aprox 25 Km North of Quito, so Y had to go there. How many times would I cross on my bike the Equator…..? When I arrived ti decided to pour down in buckets. With riding gear and helmet on I paid my entry ticket and walked up to the monument.

More to come....

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