2-Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

The ship who was going to sail my bike from Fort. Lauderdale, Florida to Cartagena had a delay. Not enough load to make the trip economically worth it,  ….so they had postponed the sailing for a week later. What to do ?……two alternatives, wait in the snow or wait in Cartagena and do some sight seeing while waiting.

This gave Pedro (my husband) the ability to join me for a week and see for himself what Cartagena offered and if it was as dangerous as many people had warned us. Rumors are always worse then reality. The dangerous times in Colombia where 10 years behind. Of course always in each country you have to be careful with where you go and get informed beforehand. 

So…….ready for departure…..

W left my home in temperatures of -11F and arrived in Cartagena in 88F with very high humidity.. Ufdah.. a shock, but felt great finally in COLOMBIA.


© Nina Boonacker 2012