32-Coast from Chimbote to Barranca 

Another fantastic day. It was following the coast in the desert. I am getting fascinated with this landscape. Even if I am on a highway with 4 lanes where only tow are used….I do not know why…but if I want to be ironical, it is to save the pavement. :)

But….I try to be positive and think with logic that there must be a good reason for that. Riding for hours you have a lot of time to think. It is such a great feeling of freedom.

The sweeping views over the hazy landscape, probably do the constant wind blowing here in this area are stunning. I have noticed a pattern, mornings are calm the around 10:30 AM a light breeze coms up from the sea, then it intensifies until 3 Pm and slowly after that it calms down again. I have not had strong winds just a good breeze which blows sand over the road. Nothing that hinders the riding. 

After every bend there is a new view and keeps going and going.

Beautiful I have enjoyed this ride I had not expected.


© Nina Boonacker 2012