33- I made it from Barraca to Lima, Peru

I had a mixed day, it was the last stretch to Lima, I knew I had to follow the same road further South. The morning was with a cloud overcast and very hazy, so not much to see of the coast. No pictures either. 

But my brain is always active and was thinking of the landscape and the structures I am passing. 

As I mentioned before, it is unbelievable people can live in this dry environment and almost no water.  Yes when there is a river coming from the mountains a town has formed over time, but outside of the town I see some small structures, which makes me question, do they live here or is it as a shed for when they go to work in the fields. They are close to farming structures apparently for poultry. Large structures with white roofs which reflect the heat and then on the other side of the road those small structures I am talking about. I could read signs which sad ‘Comunidades Campersinas’ 

While spending last night in Barranca, a smaller town and hustling and bustling with people, cars and mototaxis. I have observed that comparing to Ecuador even Colombia, these towns have higher density. The streets are narrower for through traffic and the sidewalks too. In addition you have people sitting on the sidewalk selling candy or all kinds of little things to make a living. There is music on every corner blasting for attention for entering their store. 

When leaving a town, there is this endless trash which today was getting to me.

First I was sad to see that, then I started to analyze the why, why and why ...and today it was frustrating to me. I guess it was the fact that a bus driving in front of me, a passenger just tossed his glass bottle out of the window and crashed on the side of the road  leaving of course lots of sharp crystals on the road. 

Bummer!!!   Oh well Nina , I said to myself, ….that is how things are here and needs time to change...

In addition my dear Garmin was not behaving again. The route I created was not working. I saw on the screen my bike somewhere in lala land far off the road on the screen and the highlighted route far on the side. Oh well there is only one important road South,  so I am heading the right direction. It had happened before but eventually it finds it course and when close to reaching my destination town it works and leads me to the hotel.

But today it did not. I was entering Lima and started thinking well how do I get to the hotel this time?

But……..I am a lucky girl…..right?    Suddenly a big BMW GS Adventure passed me and made a sign with thumbs up!   I greeted back and he disappeared in the 4 lane traffic.

Peaje (toll) came….. and I saw the GS again, he slowed down to go through the narrow side lane for motocycles  and then stopped at the end and gave me a sign to stop.  I did and he came with his bike next to me. A nice middle age men, he asked me, if he could help and where I was heading in Lima. I told him the neighborhood and he said, I go in that direction, do not go through the center of town it is packed and is super slow. I have to go in the same direction and can guide you trough the by pass route. WOW just what I need :) I accepted because my GPS was not cooperating and this was really a saving hand for me. I told him to go slow and he guided me at perfect pace near to my hotel. We stopped and he said do you know which hotel, I was hesitant but after all the effort done, somehow I trusted the man. 

He mentioned to me, he had traveled and got lost many times, so I know it is nice to get help.  Eventually he rode out of his way until my hotel. He saved my day from a lot of struggles. You see I am a lucky girl. So…. the mixed day ended up with a positive ending. 

People get out of their way to help. 

Next day...Gora3 or the mosquito bike got a treatment!!I.

I found a Honda dealer nearby, called them up if they could squeeze a trough traveler in….and yes they did. It took me a long time to MEANDER..without GPS to the dealer. Yep...Garmin left me in the DARK!! Oh well one has to be resourceful right. I have down loaded maps.me in my phone and used that as reference....yes has to stop a gazzilion times to find my bearings, roads are not always well indicated and was ALMOST ready to duct tape my phone to the Garmin. Eventually I made it. On the way back got some wonderful lost route along the beach back to the hotel. 

Next thing in line!!!! Job Nr 1 today, find a solution to my Garmin problem. 

In the evening I was invited for dinner by my rescuer on the GS and his wife. We had a wonderful evening talking about travels and Peru. Those encounters will stay in my memeory for life.

Thank you Miguel!!


© Nina Boonacker 2012