57-Castro and Achao, Chile

It will be the last day on the island of Chiloe. We have been lucky to have great weather and see it at its best. Another place I will have dear in my heart. The crossing will be from Obellon to Chaiten, a 5 hr ferry crossing. The ferry leaves at 3:00 AM in the morning, so in the middle of the night. The ferry has only office sin Puerto Montt and Castro. They do not answer phone or e-mails so you have to go to the office. 

So…went to the travel office in Castro and there I could purchase my tickets. Cost of transport of the bike 15000 pesos ( $21 US) you also have to purchase a seat for during the crossing the cost is 12000 pesos ($17 US) From there I will start riding the Carretera Austral. There is sometime a confusion between the Carretera Austral and the Ruta 40. The Carretera Austral is in fact Ruta 7 which starts in Puerto Montt and runs 1195 km South through Chile. Ruta 40 runs through Argentina.The route I plan to take is part of Carretera Austral then cross over in Chile Chico into Argentina and take in Perito Moreno the Ruta 40 heading South. Weather forecast is rain for a few days and then some sun. Will see where I have connection with internet, the further South the more remote and less services....I expect. I have also to get an extra container with gas, due to long intervals without refuel facility and my tank even if larger then from factory, is still not enough for those stretches. I am excited to see finally the Carretera Austral.  

Days are short now here. Very slow wifi so still many pictires to upload. Hopefully next place better. Raining today, but tomorrow should start a 4 day strech of sun. Will be great to see some nice scenery comming ahead. 


VT beemer:


Good choice on the Austral Rd. Much better scenery and you will love the towns along the way.

I must ask. You are headed down just as fall/ winter is setting in. The passes will be getting really cold as you cross back and forth. Was your plan to get down to Ushuaia or lay up before then?




Yes I know I am headed to winter, I have being taking this in account all along and looking at the weather. If I reach Ushuaia and that is an IF, 

I have to get back home, two options... from Buenos Aires or from Santiago. Still in the works which route to take all depending on shipping facilities. I am still all option open....:)


These wooden churches were built by the Jesuits 500 years ago and have not a single nail, everything was done with assembled wood because the area was impossible to get metal nails or anything at that time.

The Palafitos were built by people without homes or land on which to build. Its existence was illegal because they are built on the coast that in Chile is owned by the state. Those houses were historically of the poorest people, but now are fashionable, are most top of Castro, and several have become in summer homes or boutique hotels. Their legal status remains irregular.


Thank you DiasDePlaya for filling in with the info. Great to have some support from you with details from the area. Hope you guys do not mind, infill from the area is part of the experience.....right. If not,.... let us know.


For me, the fill-in pieces from DiasDePlaya, are a great add to the report and are occurring at just the right frequency. I think you have been fortunate to have them following your report and occasionally tossing in info and route suggestions. Keep on rollin Weed.

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