58-Quellen to Chaiten

Well…... crossed with the ferry from Quellen to Chaiten. The boat should have left 3:00am in the morning but due to bad weather it was delayed to next day 11 am. Overnight in hotel and next morning 2 hours prior departure we where at the dock. Ferry ran almost empty. They had tie downs and the crew was in charge of tying them down. 

It was a nice crossing. When we arrived at the small village of Chaiten,  found a cabin for the night. AT 3 pm,  was too late to ride to the next destination. Days are short now here. Very slow wifi so still many pictures to upload. Hopefully next place will be better. Raining today, but tomorrow should start a 4 day strech of sun. Will be great to see some nice scenery comming ahead. Stay tuned.


© Nina Boonacker 2012