59-Carretera Austral to Puyuhaupi

Chaiten was our night before heading to the Carretera Austral.

It was a rainy day with cool temperatures but after filling to the rim my tank with fuel, excited rolled South on Ruta 7 or also called Carretera Austral. The road out of town was paved meandering through the river valley and showing the white clowds against the dark vegetated and steep mountains. Rainy but beautiful, I do not mind rain. Nice and warm in my gear was just excited finally on THAT so much talked road.

After several many miles, the real old Carretera Austral started and now with construction. Rain and construction makes for messy, muddy roads….sooo I said to myself, nothing that the bike can not handle…..so I have to handel that too. Slow but determined I rolled over potholes and gravel mixed with mud. Just relax and all will be OK I said to myself. After a little while I noticed I got the hang of it and arrived in La Junta. Only gas station until Puerto Ingeniero Ibañez.

Time for refueling and getting a coffee where we found two biciclist warming up by the stove in the little general store. They where headed North….hmmm a long way and by pedal. Shortly after a tall guy with helmet on, came in his wet riding suit and took his helmet off. He was looking for a warm coffee too and a young lady followed shortly. Both riders where comming from the South. Of course conversations starts about roads and riding conditions and where they had been. It resulted in another couple of world riders and…….he was from Holland….switched immediately talking in dutch with a big smile. More dutch crazy people on the road….how fun!!!

After a little while left and continued the route South to Puyuhaupi where the day would end.

Here a few pictures, it was raining so not good ones….


© Nina Boonacker 2012