1-Departure preparations...


What is involved in a long trip to South America???

- First gather as much info a possible like...

       - Immunizations and health insurance coverage

       - Curent passport,

       - Vehicle transport / shippoing with corresponding paperwork

       - Find out corresponding vehicle insurance for each country

       - Averge cost of trip

       - Finally put a date on your departure and…….DO IT!

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...my guide for this trip…South America on a Budget...

…after finding out how to get my bike from Minneapolis to Cartagena in the middle of winter was my first luck,  able to ride my bike to a transport service, which ships from Minneapolis to Ft Lauderdale, Florida

…ready for inspection before it is loaded and fingers crossed it arrives intact….

Once my bike was on its way to Florida, the flight to Minneapolis-Cartagena, Colombia

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